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Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 19, 2018 2:17 PM

The Colombian government is working to promote energy efficiency in the country and labels play a key role in this process. Representatives of the sector spoke on this important topic.

According to El Heraldo, the government considers that there is a high correlation between high energy consumption and lack of user information on household appliances.

The government created the energy efficiency labeling program to certify electronic equipment for commercial and residential use with performance data.

Ricardo Ramírez, Director of the Energy Mining Planning Unit (UPME) explained that the energy label is free and serves as a purchasing criterion to choose efficient equipment.

“The label can generate several results: energy, environmental, economic benefits for the user, and incentives for the manufacturer”, highlighted Ramírez.

The label classifies appliances with a letter from A to G, where the A equipment is the lowest consumption and G the highest consumption.

“With knowing what letter the product has, the user can compare and decide which one to buy. The energy savings also depend on the use, maintenance, installation and the technical specialist that does it,” said Ramírez.

Carlos Diago, energy consultant, said that refrigerators are household appliances with the highest energy consumption in the home.

“Old refrigerators, for economic reasons, are used in the lower strata and these do not generally make rational energy use. This excess of energy is transferred through subsidies to the State,” said Diago.

Rodolfo Moreno, President of the Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Businessmen, pointed out the interest of Colombian authorities in improving energy efficiency.

“The labeling and the government’s interest are positive,” said Moreno.

However, he said authorities should do more to control the sale of high consumption equipment at low prices, because users give priority to equipment costs.

“People will go for the savings, but they do not know what equipment are buying. I believe that the sale of high consumption equipment should be prohibited,” said Moreno.

Bottom-Line: The government is doing a good job with the energy labels, but authorities should do a great information campaign on this topic for the users.

As Moreno says, people give priority to the equipment cost, regardless of consumption. The sector must explain to users that in the end a high consumption equipment could be more expensive.


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