Energy Efficiency Plan

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 19, 2018 2:20 PM

The Colombian government is working on an energy efficiency plan for the country. The Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME) spoke about some of the alternatives for this strategy. Entrepreneurs and representatives of the sector spoke as well.

According to El Heraldo, UPME said that restricting the manufacture or import of high consumption or inefficient equipment is an option to increase energy efficiency in Colombia.

The entity explained that labels are key in this process, because these help users to inform and raise awareness about energy consumption.

“In the European Union it has been shown that users demand more and more efficient equipment, thanks to the label,” said UPME

The UPME pointed out that the country has advanced in rules and controls for labels, but authorities need the collaboration of users in this issue.

“The participation of citizens to report irregularities is key, as this will help to apply the corresponding sanctions,” said UPME.

The Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Companies and Entrepreneurs (Asocair), said that the government should promote the purchase of energy saving equipment with modern technology.

Giovanni Camargo, Entrepreneur of the sector, agrees with UPME’s proposal to limit imports to improve energy efficiency.

“They are importing cheap equipment from China, but these consume a lot of energy,” said Camargo.

Jaime Borrero, Manager of Ingetec, said that the country needs to improve the lines of tension to promote the use of efficient equipment.

“These equipment needs 220-volt lines to avoid damage,” said Borrero.

Alberto Vives, Manager of the National Association of Entrepreneurs (ANDI) Atlántico and Magdalena section, said that the change of old refrigerators for more efficient is one of the proposals of the association.

“There will be a pilot program, and we are working on that,” Vives said.

Bottom-Line: Replacing old appliances with new ones is a good alternative, but authorities and companies must offer attractive prices. Many of the inhabitants who have old equipment use them for lack of resources to buy a new one.

It is interesting the ANDI´s proposal and a pilot plan could encourage users to change their appliances.


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