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Electricity, Energy, Regulation & Policy    Jun 30, 2021 6:01 PM

Derivex conducted its third energy auction organized within its energy futures platform.

The company said that several purchase and sale transactions took place and the first commercial agreement was reached, a milestone that could not be reached in past tenders, Valora Analitik reported.

Derivex agreed to purchase 4.3GWh at CoP$240 kWh by 2023.

“That valuation price is becoming a good benchmark for the market, because it is telling agents the energy cost for that year,” Derivex’s Juan Carlos Tellez highlighted.

The expert added that this price is a positive message, because this valuation curve allows agents to know what the price expectations are for the next blocks, and thus adjust their negotiations to those reference prices.

Téllez said that the agreed prices are fixed and are not indexed to the Producer Price Index.

“Whoever bought at CoP$240 to 2023, will pay that price, regardless of how inflation or the energy price on the exchange is,” Tellez explained.

Derivex offered other blocks, but there were no firm transactions.

Purchase prices were set at CoP$240 for 2022 and CoP$268.28 for sale; the 2023 package reported purchase orders at CoP$234 kWh and CoP$269 for sale.

Derivex reported prices of CoP$220 per kWh for buy and CoP$240 per kWh for sell for 2024.

Bottom-Line: Setting firm prices allows investors to make better projections and reduce the risk of uncertainty.

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