Energy projects for the Caribbean: an update

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Sep 25, 2019 3:53 PM

The government of President Duque promised to make a ‘revival’ of the energy sector one of its main priorities. How much has been achieved so far?

According to figures from the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia), the government has invested over CoP$1T in the development of 11 projects of ‘Plan 5 Caribe’, in an effort to improve the quality of the energy service in that region.

“We are committed to achieving solutions for energy service in the Caribbean Coast. In addition to continuing working to work on the structural solution that was approved in the National Development Plan, we are complying with the investment plan to strengthen national and regional transmission networks,” MinEnergia María Fernanda Suárez said.

Among the ‘Plan 5 Caribe’ projects that are currently operating are: the Bolívar – Cartagena energy transmission line (220KW); the Chinú – Montería – Urabá Substation (220KW); the Bolívar – Manzanillo Substation (110KW) and the Norte and Caracolí Substations, with 100KW each.

According to the entity, there are another 10 energy projects that are being developed, with investments of more than CoP$2.7T, and another seven initiatives that are yet to be awarded.

Bottom-line: Great news for the energy sector, and above all, great news for Colombia.

The country needs to see results rather than hear promises that are rarely fulfilled, and this government seemed to show clear numbers.

Keep the projects coming!

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