Energy projects in the Caribbean

Company News, Energy, Regulation & Policy    Aug 31, 2021 4:14 PM

The seven departments of the Caribbean coast will become the focus for the development of large-scale energy projects.

The region will develop 50 projects in total, which are the bulk of the mining-energy sector works package, El Tiempo reported.

The projects will be developed in Atlántico, Bolívar, Cesar, Córdoba, Guajira, Magdalena and Sucre, representing investments in excess of CoP$30T.

“The mining-energy sector continues to become one of the protagonists of the country’s economic reactivation. Its contribution to the closing of gaps, the generation of employment and the investment generated are an example of how the wealth of the Colombian subsoil brings development, benefits and wellbeing to the regions,” MinEnergia Diego Mesa said.

The Caribbean coast is becoming the scenario in which the first step is taken for the development of generation projects from unconventional renewable sources with nine wind farms in La Guajira and two solar plants in Cesar.

In addition to the above, there are two thermal power plants: La Luna (Cesar) and Bijao (Córdoba), the Colectora I and Colectora II transmission lines, and the Energy storage system with batteries.

“The power generation works will represent investments close to CoP$11T. The Caribbean thermal park will also be ready to support the country’s electricity system,” Andeg’s Alejandro Castañeda said.

Bottom-Line: The potential for wind and solar generation is enormous in the Caribbean region and local authorities understood this a few years ago. They started to create the right environment to encourage investments and the results are showing.

The investments will be of great benefit to the region and the country in general.

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