Energy service modernization works

Company News    Jun 3, 2021 5:20 PM

The energy sector will develop modernization and adaptation projects in terms of electric infrastructure to improve the energy service.

EPM plans to develop different projects where it operates, through its subsidiaries, El Tiempo reported.

The company will invest in expansion, replacement and preventive maintenance projects in transformers and low voltage distribution networks.

The investment plan has a budget of approximately CoP$1.7T for the period 2021-2024.

Among the most important works is the construction of nine substations in Antioquia, the capacity expansion of seven substations, especially in the region of Valle de Aburrá and Urabá, along with reinforcements in the Regional Transmission System.

Afinia will invest CoP$3.2T between 2021 and 2024 in the Caribbean, impacting the departments of Bolívar, Córdoba, Sucre, Cesar and 13 municipalities of Magdalena, with investments at all voltage levels of the system.

Cens will invest CoP$520B between 2021-2024 at all voltage levels of the system in Norte de Santander.

Essa plans to invest CoP$1.1T covering all voltage levels of the system in Santander.

Edep has an investment plan of CoP$97B in Quindío for the next four years.

Julián Cadavid, Celsia’s Transmission and Distribution Leader said that the company makes recurring investments every year in the maintenance, modernization, and expansion of infrastructure.

Celsia will build four new substations and modernize eight existing ones in Valle, while the firm will build two new substations and modernize six existing ones in Tolima.

“We will also install smart meters in Valle and Tolima, hoping to complete the goal of having more than 200,000 in both departments. We will also build more than 250 km of medium-voltage networks,” Cadavid said.

Bottom-Line: These projects will be fundamental to guarantee an adequate and reliable energy service in the country. However, the companies need the authorities’ support to advance satisfactorily in the development of these projects, especially in terms of environmental licensing, social conflict, and security.

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