Energy theft in Taganga

Company News    Jun 11, 2021 6:33 PM

Air-e initiated legal action against a well-known hotel in Taganga (Santa Marta).

The company found that the hotel El Mirador was not paying for energy service, but the building has high consumption fraudulently, El Tiempo reported.

This hotel owes more than CoP$323M without responding to the approaches made by the company.

Even though it does not comply with the payment of electricity, the owners of the hotel continue to use the energy supply in an illegal and anti-technical manner, which generates a high risk for workers, guests, and the surrounding community, Air-e said.

The company said that this problem has been identified in a significant number of commercial, industrial, and farm customers who do not respond to the call for payment and choose to reconnect with fraud.

Among the users identified with these practices in recent operations, in addition to the hotel, there are two farms and a plastics company located in the municipality, which insist on not complying with their obligation to pay for the service.

In the case of the plastics company, located near the town of Riofrio, it has a debt of more than CoP$725M.

Air-e suspended the service of two farms identified as Josefina and Virginia 100 for debts greater than CoP$163M and CoP$300M respectively.

The manager of Air-e in Magdalena, Diego Rincones Rivas, said that the company is advancing in commercial and legal management to achieve the payment of the outstanding obligations.

“We are advancing in the respective legal processes against these establishments that insist on connecting to the electricity grids illegally,” Rincones said.

Bottom-Line: Welcome to the Caribbean region, Air-e, where not paying for electricity is seen as normal, even some kind of right. Going after large, presumably solvent, abusers is the right strategy as it will be higher payoff and more politically acceptable than chasing the large number of households with financial issues.

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