Energy theft

Energy    Jan 9, 2022 10:56 AM

The National Police and Air-e, detected energy theft in several commercial establishments in Barranquilla and other municipalities during operations deployed to combat this crime.

One of the commercial establishments was Billares El Monumental, located at Carrera 8 with 42B street, in the nightlife corridor of the Alboraya neighborhood, El Heraldo reported.

On 58th Street and 62nd Street in the Santa Ana neighborhood, the same crime was detected through the manipulation of measuring equipment in the Dental Clinic Spa and Barbería Franco.

In the municipality of Galapa, irregularities were also detected in a shopping store.

“The establishments were flagrantly delinquent,” authorities said.

Manager of Air-e for Atlantico, Ramiro Castilla Andrade, highlighted that the cases found will continue to be criminally prosecuted based on article 256 of the Penal Code, where the Defrauding of Fluids is typified as a crime and establishes penalties of up to six years in prison.

“These cases of energy theft have an economic impact on the pockets of the population, endangering the lives of people and the good service provision,” he said.

Bottom-Line: Shock! Horror! Theft of energy in the Coast. Never heard of that before!


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