Environmental Forum in Barranquilla

Regulation & Policy    Dec 2, 2021 3:49 PM

Mayors from nine Latin American cities will meet in Barranquilla at the I Biodivercuidades Forum.

The goal is to discuss how to integrate the care of the environment and biodiversity to promote sustainable urban development through citizen action, El Heraldo reported.

The meeting positions Barranquilla as the capital of Biodiverse-cities in the Region, and gives a boost to the project of cities that harmoniously integrate their natural wealth in their urban planning process and economic and social development.

The exchange of experiences will be based on the local leadership of cities in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, with contributions from leaders in different areas of urban development.

The manager of Puerta de Oro, Ricardo Vives, said that the goal of this event is “to be able to share lessons learned, tips from other cities that are presenting the same challenges in the framework of biodiverse-cities in their countries.”

Vives added that it is significant for the city to be the scenario in which this event will be developed since environmental issues are synonymous with progress and development.

“The city complies with the environmental responsibility to produce and consume renewable energy and have great projection in economic development,” Vives said.

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