EPM and solidarity entrepreneurship

Company News, CSR and Social    Mar 17, 2021 4:07 PM

EPM, the Special Administrative Unit for Solidarity Organizations (UAEOS) and the National Academy of Learning Foundation (ANDAP) are working on a strategy to promote solidarity entrepreneurship.

The goal is to promote the creation and strengthening of associative schemes in 50 solidarity organizations with a business vocation, EPM said in a press release.

“The program seeks to generate income and improve the quality of life of the associated population, encouraging the productive capacity of the regions,” EPM said.

EPM will seek to promote solidarity associative entrepreneurship in the municipalities of Valdivia, Tarazá, Cáceres, Caucasia and Nechí with four main focuses. The first is preparation for territorial intervention, the second is capacities for self-management and culture of solidarity, the third is self-management for income generation, and the fourth component will be communication.

This program will have the participation of several local associations.

“This strategy is the continuity of a previous process developed in 2019, which resulted in 25 organizations strengthened to promote new business dynamics in Bajo Cauca,” EPM highlighted.

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