EPM faces threats

Company News    Mar 24, 2021 5:10 PM

EPM reported threats against its workers and contractors in different municipalities of Antioquia.

The company said that officials and contractors under police protection in the Tesalia and Capitanes villagews, in the municipalities of Ituango and Briceño respectively, have received anonymous threats against their lives, La Republica reported.

“The protection in Tesalia and Capitanes was developed after exhausting all potential legal means and complying with due diligence. Control entities and guarantors of human rights verified the respect and use of regulatory elements,” EPM said.

In addition, the company will suspend face-to-face activities in Valdivia due to the threats, until the necessary security conditions for its workers are guaranteed.

Bottom-Line: Insecurity is growing throughout the country, affecting several key projects for economic recovery.

The government should make a better effort on this issue, as this could overshadow all the work done to attract investors and reactivate projects.

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