EPM infrastructure projects

Company News    Apr 5, 2021 4:27 PM

Mónica Ruiz Arbeláez, EPM’s Acting General Manager, spoke about the advances in the company’s infrastructure projects.

Ruiz said that the company is building a new power line with the use of drones and helicopters between the municipalities of Sonsón and Cocorná, according to a press release.

“This new infrastructure will improve the reliability and security of the energy supply in this region,” Ruiz highlighted.

The project has 78 power towers, and 42 structures are already assembled, 176 foundations or civil works have been completed to install new towers.

“The firm has been using helicopters and drones during the construction of the most difficult to reach towers and the laying of the conductors to reduce the environmental impact in forest areas,” EPM highlighted.

The line will be about 40 kilometers long and runs from the Calizas substation, in the municipality of Sonsón, to the San Lorenzo substation, in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Cocorná.

EPM said that 473 people from the region have been involved in the different phases of the project.

The company works jointly with the communities and municipal authorities to implement the measures contained in the environmental management plan.

“Currently, a research process is being developed with seven new sensitive species that were identified in the region,” EPM explained.

Bottom-Line: Transmission lines are becoming a difficult bottleneck to developing Colombia’s energy capacity. Environmental licenses and social conflict are the main problems so “over-the-top” solutions like EPM’s become more important.

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