EPM launches 2nd venture fund

Company News    Mar 16, 2021 6:59 PM

The company announced the second Private Equity Fund as part of the Ventures EPM program.

EPM said that this is part of its commitment to innovation to contribute to people’s quality of life, according to a press release. The fund will have a budget of CoP$150B.

Mónica Ruiz, General Manager (e) of EPM, said that the company promotes capital investments in companies and projects that applied science or technology components, thanks to this fund.

“The goal is to use these technologies in public services, resolve and accelerate the design and implementation of solutions for people, all aligned with the EPM’s strategic focuses,” Ruiz said.

Mayor of Medellin Daniel Quintero said that EPM advances in the construction of a new path to leverage the major business trends of the 21st century and the fourth industrial revolution.

“The company that does not adapt to the technological changes of the fourth revolution in time will disappear and that will not happen with EPM,” Quintero said.

This program highlights the relevance and need for collaborative work with the innovation system, according to EPM.

“With this program, we have addressed the demands of the environment, through open innovation strategies, hand in hand with entrepreneurs, in a framework that allows us to be agile and take risks to test new business models or products,” Ruiz said.

Bottom-Line: Without a doubt, encouraging new technologies and businesses is important for companies, in a changing and dynamic environment.

Assigning a General Manager could be key as well …

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