EPM supply chain certification

Company News    Apr 21, 2021 7:30 PM

Following the guidelines proposed by the World Customs Organization, EPM received accreditation as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

The company said that this certification demonstrates its commitment to the supply chain, through compliance with security and a satisfactory record of customs obligations, according to a press release.

EPM explained that compliance with this regulation generates benefits for foreign trade operations and recognition as a reliable company.

“Having an AEO culture is having a responsible customs culture. Honoring these commitments, through continuous improvement of our processes and extreme security controls, represents greater efficiencies for us,” Carlos Londoño, Vice President of Shared Supplies and Services at EPM, said.

The company developed a rigorous self-assessment and diagnosis exercise for five years to guarantee the traceability of the process and have control of it.

Yadira Muñoz, Supply Chain Manager at EPM, knowing our suppliers gives us the guarantee that their processes are also safe, therefore, risk management is well established.

“The DIAN classified EPM as a suitable or low-risk user for customs purposes, but the company decided to go further, understanding that being an AEO was not only an accreditation, but was also the opportunity to do things better,” EPM highlighted.

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