EPM to continue Hidroituango works

Company News    Sep 14, 2021 5:02 PM

EPM announced that it is working on an action plan in case some of the Hidroituango contractors cannot or do not want to continue with the project.

The company explained that this is an undesirable scenario but in event that it happen, the firm will continue with the work with other contractors that meet the requirements, La Republica reported.

The search for possible new contractors also responds to the fact that the precautionary measures of the Inspector General’s process prevent the current contractors from continuing with the project development.

So far, and with the goal of participating in the completion of the project, some companies have expressed their interest and will visit Hidroituango.

With the visits, the companies will be able to get to know the project, review its technical details and make a costing and sizing of the job which they may submit. So far, 26 international and 16 national companies have been identified.

The following confirmed their attendance: José Cartellone Construcciones Civiles S.A.S. (Argentina), Estyma Estudios y Manejos S.A. (Colombia), Termotécnica Coindustriales S.A.S. / Grupo Ethuss (Colombia); ICA Constructora S.A. DE C.V. (Mexico), Powerchina International Group LTD Sucursal Colombia (China), SP Ingenieros SAS. (Colombia), GRODCO (Colombia) and MINCIVIL S.A. (Colombia) – WEBUILD (Italy).

Bottom-Line: A new challenge for the company in the difficult recovery process of Hidroituango. This situation generates more uncertainty for the project.

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