EPM to protect water

Company News    Mar 26, 2021 2:38 PM

EPM announced initiatives to protect, conserve and recover water sources and forests in the Aburrá and Rionegro Valley.

The company announced ten initiatives for water care and forest protection, according to a press release.

“In its projects, the company implemented ecological wildlife corridors in the Aburrá Valley, by which squirrels, iguanas, monkeys, opossums and some species of parrots have been protected, among others,” the document says.

EPM is developing these projects, with partners, for the conservation of 9,160 hectares of forests, in the area of  influence of the Ituango hydroelectric project.

“The company delivers four million trees to the community each year,” EPM highlighted.

The company recalled its commitment to the harmony of life for ‘a better world’, through water care and the forest protection.

“In tune with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the well-being of people and the territories development, EPM leads and articulates initiatives for the care of water and forests,” Acting General Manager of EPM, Mónica Ruiz, said.

The firm explained that these programs the goal of promoting the appreciation of aqueduct and sewage services.

“300 community meetings were held, with environmental and cultural groups. In 2020, 2,450 people were part of the socio-environmental pedagogy process around the valuation and conservation of water in eight municipalities of the Aburrá Valley,” EPM said.

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