EPM will no longer be a member of ANDI

Company News    Jan 14, 2022 2:45 PM

EPM’S Jorge Andres Carrillo told ANDI’s Bruce Mac Master that the company is no longer a member of the association.

The letter, which is known a month later, and which makes official the decision of the company not to continue being part of the association, Portafolio reported.

“After a detailed evaluation of our participation as EPM Group in the last period, it has been decided to not continue with ANDI membership as of 2022. This without disregarding the great support, effort and diligence with which we have been served in the different topics and requests made during our affiliation,” EPM said.

It is important to remember that Mac Master dedicated a tweet to the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, on the Hidroituango issue and the insurers.

“Local authorities have the responsibility to guarantee and defend the rights of all citizens. They must do so with objectivity and attached to the law, leading the community that has temporarily granted them that mandate, in the search for solutions and common welfare,” Master said in the tweet.

Quintero, in the same social network, replied to the leader.

“Bruce, you seem to forget that EPM, the second largest company in the country, is also a member of ANDI. The fact that it is public does not take away its rights to claim rights. As Mayor of Medellin I demand that you stick to your duties. If you have differences, seek institutional channels,” Quintero said.

In addition, Quintero defined Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA) as a “cartel”, Portafolio reported.

“It is a cartel to a certain extent, in the sense that they associate to achieve their goals and many are not honest targets,” Quintero said.

Grupo Sura, which is part of the GEA responded that it is of utmost gravity that a public official uses his position to lie and attack, without any basis.

“Quintero makes dishonorable accusations and false assertions of illegalities, which is aggravated by coming in this case from the Mayor of Medellin,” Sura said.

Grupo Argos, which is part of GEA, informed that it is analyzing legal actions against Quintero as well.

“The company will analyze legal actions for libel, slander, economic panic and any other action that may be taken against the Mayor of Medellin,” Argos said.

Quintero said that Argos has at least five lawsuits and convictions.

“In the US, they were just convicted less than a year ago for cartelization, in Venezuela they have another ruling for the same, in Colombia in the same way, and in other processes they have been pardoned,” Quintero said.

Grupo Argos said that the company and its more than 13,000 employees develop their business activities within an ethical and transparent framework.

“Guided by the higher purpose of positively transforming people’s lives through their investments,” the company said.

Bottom-Line: Quintero is picking fights with everyone, without thinking about the negative consequences this may generate for EPM and Hidroituango.

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