Erco bets on solar generation

Company News    Jun 3, 2021 5:21 PM

Erco is a company that has been implementing clean, reliable, and economical energy since 2011. Today it has 1,912 users, revolutionizing the solar energy industry.

The firm has built more than 1,000 solar projects in Colombia, boosting Colombia’s installed capacity, Semana reported.

According to figures from the Ministry of Energy (MinEnergia), this capacity is 225 megawatts and represents the basic consumption of more than 200,000 homes.

Erco has developed around 800 electric vehicle charging projects and close to 100 energy storage projects.

The firm highlighted that the solar generation is 94% cheaper compared to the traditional networks.

The company closed 2020 with 52% growth in sales, despite the pandemic, demonstrating the potential for growth in this sector.

CEO Juan Camilo López said that Colombians have the freedom to choose who to buy energy from.

“When deciding to switch to solar energy, you can have scenarios such as: being able to generate the energy you consume and even store it, sell the surplus you produce at home to your own local grid and have an extra income,” the expert highlighted.

Erco plans to grow more than 100% this year, double domestic sales, which were CoP$19B in 2020, and consolidate turnover of more than CoP$7.3B in its Panama and US locations.

This year the brand expects to develop 240 solar energy projects throughout the country, 360 electric mobility projects, and 50 with its electric storage line.

“When technology and energy meet, projects of great impact for the world are achieved. That is the purpose of our company, and we are convinced that with our expansion in Panama and the US we will achieve the massification of distributed energy resources,” López said.

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