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Company News    Jun 23, 2021 4:55 PM

Erco, a company that has been implementing clean, reliable and economical energy since 2011, has big plans to grow nationally and internationally.

The firm has 1,912 users (1,504 homes and 408 commercial and industrial) and is revolutionizing the solar energy industry, Portafolio reported.

Erco has built more than 1,000 projects in Colombia, with installed capacity of 225MW from unconventional renewable sources, the equivalent of the basic consumption of more than 200,000 homes.

The company has also developed around 800 electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects and close to 100 energy storage projects.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, Erco reported a 52% growth in sales during 2020.

“Colombians are free to choose who to buy energy from, not necessarily who markets it locally,” CEO Juan Camilo Lopez said.

The expert explained that switching to solar energy can present scenarios such as: being able to generate the energy consumed and even store it; selling the surplus produced at home to the local grid and having extra income; and even reducing the energy bills from CoP$200,000 to CoP$12,000.

The company plans to grow more than 100%, double domestic sales, which in 2020 were over CoP$19B and consolidate turnover of more than CoP$7,336M in its Panama and US.

Erco plans to develop 240 solar energy projects throughout the country during this year, twice as many as in 2020; 360 electric mobility projects and 50 with its electric storage line.

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