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Energy    Oct 20, 2021 3:46 PM

Concerns about a possible energy shortage in Colombia continue to grow. However, Minister of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia) Diego Mesa sent a message of reassurance to Colombians.

Mesa said that energy demand is in line with the scenarios projected by the government and the current installed capacity can respond to the service commitments, El Colombiano reported.

Current energy demand averages 210GWh/d, up more than 3% over February 2020, according to XM.

Minenergía said that Colombia’s generators have more than 17,500MW capacity, equivalent to 420GWh/d.

In addition, the expert said that national reservoirs have been above 85% in the last three months. Mesa said that prices of CoP$0 per kilowatt hour have been registered in the energy exchange.

The expert highlighted that in case the Hidroituango operation is delayed there is no risk of shortage.

Mesa said that the government will leave 2,000MW of installed capacity by 2022, equivalent to 48GWh/d, from unconventional renewable sources.

“That is equivalent to a project like Hidroituango, which will produce 2,400MW,” Mesa said.

ANDEG’s Alejandro Castañeda said that supply without Hidroituango would be tight, “but we have the generators and the committed energy to back up the system.”

Castañeda acknowledged that it will be necessary to follow up on the development and timely entry of projects under development.

Bottom-Line: The government’s plan B is renewable energy projects, but authorities should work on speeding up prior consultations and environmental licensing.

The government should be aware that many of these projects have delays due to these two procedures…

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