Experts spoke about sustainability

Company News    Jul 29, 2021 8:42 PM

Ceapi and EAE Business School presented the Observatory ‘Trends in CSR and Sustainability in Ibero-America-Colombia’, where experts spoke on this topic.

ISA’s Bernardo Vargas, Totto’s Yonatan Bursztyn and CEAPI’s Nuria Vilanova presented their key factors for the development of sustainable economies and industries in the country, La Republica reported.

The report highlighted that, with the arrival of the pandemic, 82.5% of Colombian companies stand out in their social role.

In addition, 99% of the 113 companies surveyed are willing to establish alliances with other organizations to promote sustainability and 95% are willing to make such associations, even with their competitors.

“Quality education, jobs with economic growth, reduction of inequality, sustainable production and consumption are at the core of this process,” Bursztyn said.

He said that new generations are growing up with a much greater environmental awareness.

Vargas said that it is key to be aware of our environmental footprint.

“Companies like ISA are dedicated to increasing public awareness about environmental protection. We want to protect the environment and decontaminate the planet,” Vargas said.

Vilanova said that the pandemic demonstrated that the environmental issue was not a frivolous one.

“Much of the problem stems from the lack of care we have taken with the environment,” Vilanova said.

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