Experts talk distributed energy projects

Clean tech, Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    May 7, 2019 6:51 PM

The development of distributed energy projects in the country continues to grow, despite the lack of a proper regulatory framework. This is what experts had to say on the matter.

The issue was discussed by different industry experts, during the 3rd International Meeting of Renewable Energies Forum, organized by Ser Colombia and the World Energy Council, Energía Limpia said.

Andres Romero, director of Valgesta Energía, urged the government to define a clear public policy to develop distributed energy projects in the country.

“It is important to have public policies so that everyone can see the benefits and not just the costs of the initiative,” he said.

For Martín García, commercial director at Green Yellow, although users are not experts in energy matters, they are more aware of regulatory aspects, and could demand adequate regulation that assures the success of distributed energy projects.

Gabriel Umaña, commercial director at Harvest Activos Sostenibles SAS said that there is need for training on the sector’s issues, arguing that “the national industrial sector knows about renewable energies in the country, but it is behind other issues, for example, in financing projects.”

Camilo Jaramillo, CEO of Hybrytec, said that the number of companies specialized in energy projects that are coming to Colombia is growing rapidly, showing signs of success for future projects.

“We are seeing many obstacles in the development of upcoming projects, but we are also seeing political will when it comes to distributed energy initiatives. We now need to get authorities to simplify its regulations. Self-generation projects are increasing; we are going to see more solar panels on the roofs of the cities,” he said.

Bottom-line: Although the country’s energy potential is undeniable, the government is quite new to the market, hence to handling new regulations.

Colombia’s energy regulation was designed for large producers and mega projects. The country needs a new framework for small, distributed and self-generation concepts.

Such a framework will be critical for shifting the country’s energy matrix to unconventional generation.

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