Experts talk energy transition

Company News    Nov 18, 2021 7:47 PM

Upsitemas and Hess companies led the event “Challenges and Solutions for Large Energy Consumers.”

Experts from the energy sector discussed the relationship of traditional energy sources to sustainable energies, the role of demand, government and regulation at this event, El Espectador reported.

“We are making the connection to develop new technologies and experiences. We motivate these discussions because we believe we should be active players,” Martha Hernandez, President of Upsistemas, said.

Hess offers storage solutions based on a thorough understanding of technologies.

“We are pioneers in leveraging storage. We are facing a greener, more sustainable and more optimized world,” Hess’ Eugenio Domínguez said.

Asoenergía’s Sandra Fonseca highlighted the importance of achieving comprehensive demand management. She explained that this is about how to make grid operators increase demand for new energy sources.

“In Colombia we have a structured legal framework through the new Energy Transition Law, but this requires regulatory development to be able to act. We propose that the demand be taken into acount to deepen the use of value-added technologies,” Fonseca said.

Juan Benavidez, representative of GEB’s Board of Directors, said that energy transitions have the power to change the dynamics of society.

“A new energy does not displace the old one, it is still there as new energies appear, and they are demand driven, because you do not produce what you do not consume,” Benavidez said.

Benavidez said that Colombia needs to double or triple energy consumption and create experimentation centers that drive change in large operators.

Manager of Schrader Camargo Colombia, Andrés Canela, said that the energy transition should allow for more innovative contracts, where clients, contractors and suppliers have the opportunity to coordinate with the energy sector.

Bottom-Line: The energy transition represents a cultural and regulatory change, which will take time, and must be done carefully to avoid traumas.

Colombia has made progress on the regulatory side but there is still much to be done in this area to attract the interest of more investors.

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