From organic waste to energy?

Energy, Renewables    Dec 4, 2019 2:32 PM

This is how Jesús Cruz and his son went from leveraging organic waste in Barranquilla, to making fertilizer for plants and to potentially generating energy from ‘waste’.

Industrial designer, Jesús Jr, had mentioned a business model to his father based on leveraging the city’s organic waste potential.

His father quit his job as a veterinarian and decided to invest his time and resources in the ‘Organics of the Caribbean’ project, El Heraldo reported.

After certifying their composting plant in 2012, the Cruz family discovered that the company could generate more value, as well as a higher environmental impact with its product, and incorporated a new business line in the process; offering companies to pick up their organic waste from their facilities, to process it.

“Companies pay a fee – a higher percentage than the one they pay to cleaning companies to collect their waste – but they receive training and an environmental certification in exchange. This process has been catalogued as innovative, and has opened doors for us,” Cruz explained.

In 2018, Organics of the Caribbean prevented 9,000 tons of organic waste from being deposited in the city’s landfill, announcing that they aspire to be the first energy self-generating firm in the Caribbean region.

Bottom-line: This is the perfect example of a sustainable business. The government needs to leverage Organics of the Caribbean’s potential to replicate its success in other regions of the country.

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