Gato Dumas bets on solar panels

Company News    Apr 22, 2021 4:10 PM

The Gato Dumas cooking school is betting on renewable energy and planting trees.

Gato Dumas leads an initiative in which a tree is planted for each graduating student, La Republica reported.

The Coronavirus has shown the need for institutions to create sustainable ideas that bring relief to their finances and positively impact the environment.

Carolina Parra, President of Gato Dumas, said that the reflections, challenges and learnings of the pandemic for gastronomic education are many.

“One of them is to accelerate any decision that reduces the environmental footprint,” Parra said.

Gato Dumas has decided to bet on the creation of sustainable environments that promote in students a commitment and responsibility to the environment.

The educational institution is building solar panels for its facilities. Recently 112 of them were implemented to use them in educational practices.

Gato Dumas installed rainwater collection tanks. The institution uses these tanks for cleaning tasks, garden watering, among other tasks.

The institution is implementing water saving filters, as these are a sustainability tool.

Finally, Gato Dumas leads an initiative in which, for each graduating student, the institution plants a tree in a field located in the Páramo de Sumapaz.


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