GEB and renewable energies

Company News    Jul 28, 2021 2:04 PM

Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) plans to enter the development of unconventional renewable energies and to become more active in innovation and data analytics.

These business will be in addition to its participation in the transportation and distribution of natural gas and energy transmission, Valora Analitik reported.

It is important to remember that GEB announced an agreement with Enel in this regard. The alliance will allow the group to be part of a powerful company in the energy sector, which will arise from the merger of Emgesa, Codensa and Enel Green Power.

This new company, in which GEB will have a 42.515% stake, will be one of the major players in the energy sector in Colombia and Central America.

The new company will be the main generator and leader in energy distribution in the country, with participation in wind and solar energy businesses.

GEB’s Juan Ricardo Ortega said that the company plans to invest around US$2B in unconventional renewables.

“The energy sector is a winner and big transformations are taking place to respond to climate change,” Ortega said.

In the area of data analytics, the new company that will result from the merger will have synergies with Bogota’s Agencia Analítica de Datos (Ágata), where GEB has a 40% stake.

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