GEB Opens New Energy Transmission Line

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 1, 2018 1:54 PM

The Bogotá Energy Group (GEB) announced that the Bolívar-Cartagena transmission line started its operation phase, which will benefit inhabitants of northern Bolívar.

With an investment of US$100M, the project aims to increase the reliability of the energy service in the region, El Heraldo reported.

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinMinas), María Fernanda Suárez, the project needs to strengthen distribution networks in Cartagena, as they are the ones that provide energy service to local households.

UPME’s 05-2012 project, awarded by the entity to GEB in May 2014, consists on the construction of a second 220 kV transmission line, from the Bolívar substation to the Cartagena substation, including the installation of a module line in each of the substations.

The Bolívar-Cartagena line has a length of 20 kilometers, of which four are underground and run through urban and rural areas of Cartagena, Turbaco and Santa Rosa de Lima.

Regarding Electricaribe, the Minister said that the issue will be a priority during her administration, and insisted that finding a solution to the firm’s financial problem will take time.

Astrid Álvarez, president of the GEB Group, agreed with Suárez arguing that Electricaribe’s uncertainty will not be resolved this year.

“Electricaribe is a problem that has been going on for years and it will not be resolved this year, it requires new and important planning,” she said.

Bottom-line: These are the projects that investors must bet on to boost the national energy market.

However, the government must fix the Electricaribe issue first, or other efforts to improve the energy service in the region will not be worth it.



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