GEB reaches agreements with communities

Company News    Oct 7, 2021 4:19 PM

The Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) announced advances with the Yukpa indigenous people on prior consultation agreements to allow transmission lines to pass through their territory.

These agreements seek to make viable the development of the Colectora and La Loma lines projects, which are part of the 2019 renewable energy auction but which were detained for not having this commitment, La Republica reported.

“We are moving forward with these critical prior consultations with ethnic communities,” GEB’s Juan Ricardo Ortega said.

Representatives of the Yukpa people held a harmonization ceremony to strengthen the relationship of trust with GEB.

The initiative contemplates the construction of the new Colectora 500 kilovolt (kV) substation, the expansion of the Cuestecitas and La Loma 500 kV substations and the construction of two transmission lines in the Colectora-Cuestecitas 500 kV section and the Cuestecitas-La Loma 500 kV transmission line, with about 250 kilometers.

These projects have presence in 14 municipalities in La Guajira and Cesar.

La Loma 110kV project will improve the quality and reliability of the electric power service in Cesar, reducing the risk of shortages and contributing to lower operating costs.

In addition, this infrastructure is expected to allow the connection of large users in the region to the National Transmission System (STN) and new generation plants.

La Loma 110kV includes the construction of the new La Loma 110kV substation with two new 500/110kV transformation modules of 150 MVA, two 110kV transformation bays, the installation of 60 kilometers of a 110kV single circuit transmission line from the La Loma 110kV substation to the El Paso 110kV substation and a transmission line from the La Loma 110kV substation to the La Jagua 110kV substation, with a maximum power transmission of 131 mvA and a distance of 60 km.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is currently being prepared for both projects.

Bottom-Line: Advancing in prior consultations has become a great achievement for the companies, as these procedures have become one of the main obstacles to the development of large projects in Colombia.

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