Gecelca to enter the energy market

Company News    Oct 28, 2020 10:57 AM

The President of Generadora y Comercializadora de Energía del Caribe (Gecelca), Andrés Yabrudy, spoke about the company’s plans to enter the Colombian energy market.

Yabrudy told El Heraldo that with the reactivation of productive activities, about 12% of the energy demand that was affected in the pandemic has been recovered.

“So far this year, Gecelca has contributed about 22% of the thermal generation required to meet the energy demand in the country,” he explained.

He added that Gecelca is a company with a known vocation for growth, as it has built 437MW in economic and reliable thermal generation capacity through the two generation units at the Gecelca 3 Power Plant, whose operations we will continue to consolidate in the short term.

“Next year we will start the extraction of the coal that will supply said plant from our own mining development in the area, contributing significantly to the economy of southern Córdoba and the Caribbean Region,” he added.

He concluded by saying that the firm has important plans to venture into renewable energy and diversify its portfolio in the medium term.

Bottom-line: Gecelca’s plans confirm the transformation trend among industry companies, as they are migrating to a mixed business model, where green energies play a more important role every year.

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