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Company News    Jun 1, 2021 3:53 PM

CEO Eduardo Jaramillo talked about the growth of the energy sector and the company’s projects in the country.

Jaramillo told Semana that the last decade has been one of the most interesting stages in the history of Colombia, from the energy sector’s perspective.

“The country took the decision for a real transformation in the last decade, as a response to the need to diversify the energy matrix,” Jaramillo said.

The expert recalled that Colombia is advancing in infrastructure for two gigawatts of installed wind capacity, but the country needs another three gigawatts in the coming years. He said that authorities must start issuing the necessary regulations to send the signals and achieve that goal.

GE has interests in important generation projects such as Hidroituango, supplying the turbines for the hydroelectric plant. There, the assembly of these devices will start next December.

In addition, its technology is implemented in Termoyopal, a generator that started operating with 150 megawatts.

The company is participating in the expansion process of transmission lines. A relevant case is that of La Colectora in La Guajira, which is the line that will connect the entire wind capacity of that department with the national system.

“We have insisted in the planning of the electricity sector because it is long term. If we want to see a second wave of renewables, it is necessary to start now. If we want to have those three gigas in 2030, we must have regulation in 2022,” Jaramillo said.

Jaramillo acknowledged that the pandemic has generated a difficult investment situation, as resources have been directed to addressing the pandemic.

The expert explained that the company is focused on three businesses: health, aviation and energy, the latter with an emphasis on gas and renewables.

Bottom-Line: Investors know of the wind and solar potential in Colombia, but they are asking for a regulatory framework to move forward with new projects.

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