‘Green Growth’ in Colombia

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 26, 2018 3:30 PM

The country is committed to reducing pollution levels and promoting new sources of energy friendly to the environment. Ricardo Lozano, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development (MinAmbiente), spoke about ‘green growth’ in the country.

According to a press release, Lozano said that ‘green growth’ is booming in Colombia. He pointed out that authorities are working on a National Development Plan and ‘green growth’ will be one of the main goals.

He commented that this project aims to promote innovation and growth of the energy sector in Colombia, and environmental sustainability will be the main axis in this process.

“We will have 600,000 new electric vehicles in 2030. We will also include 1.5 GW or 2 GW from the use of solar or wind energy,” highlighted Lozano.

Lozano said that the entity, together with the Ministry of Housing, plans to achieve a goal of 30% on issues of recycling and waste disposal over the next 12 years. He said that the government wants to improve the efficiency metrics of water use, as this could increase 33% the income generated per cubic meter of water, going from CoP$3.33 at present to CoP$4.44 per cubic meter in 2030.

He said that this process should be accompanied by a strategy to promote knowledge and education in the country.

“This is one of the most important challenges we have in the country, which is why I invite entities to work on innovation based on knowledge. I do not conceive innovation or technology without information, data or research,” said Lozano.

MinAmbiente pointed out that local entities are developing climate change plans, but the country must improve the data collection process to facilitate decision making.

“We must be much more demanding with that data,” said MinAmbiente.

Bottom-Line: Colombia must create this type of project thinking in the long term, generating a transitory and orderly change to guarantee energy security in the short and medium term.

The new sources of energy will increase their participation in the energy matrix step by step in the coming years, generating great investment opportunities.


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