‘Green light’ for new wind power generation project

Regulation & Policy    Aug 13, 2019 2:54 PM

The National Environmental Licensing Agency (ANLA) confirmed that it awarded an environmental license for a new energy project in La Guajira, supporting the government’s energy goals.

From an ANLA statement, with translation and commentary from HCC:

“In line with the government’s goal of increasing the generation of clean energies in the country by 1,500 MW during this four-year period, the ANLA granted an environmental license to another wind power generation project that will be developed in La Guajira, and that will produce between 280MW and 350 MW.

It is worth mentioning that the ANLA has approved three energy projects with unconventional sources; two in La Guajira and one in Valledupar, which contribute to President Iván Duque’s goal, of increasing the share of new clean projects in the country to 36%.

The initiative is located 15 kilometers east of the municipal capital of Uribia, and 25 kilometers north of the municipal capital of Maicao.

Its construction will bring great environmental benefits to the region, since it boosts the use of renewable, reusable and inexhaustible energies that do not pollute, while offering employment alternatives in its area of influence.

The news is part of the government’s achievements in the environment sector, which today is able to tell Colombians that it is achieving its goals.”

Bottom-line: Once again, the government proves that it is committed to boosting the national energy market.

The fact that the ANLA has been actively involved, in the implementation phase of new projects at a territorial level, is a good start, and an overall relief for companies, which now know that they will avoid social and environmental projects in the long term.

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