GreenYellow’s plans

Company News    Aug 13, 2021 3:09 PM

GreenYellow’s Rodolphe Demaine spoke about the company’s plans in the country.

Demaine told La Republica that the company has 20 megawatts of self-generation at present.

“We are one of the three big players in the self-generation market and the first to offer this solution on rooftops in the country. We have a solar farm in Planeta Rica (Córdoba) with a capacity of 10MW,” Demaine said.

The expert said that the company has a 25 MW project in Santa Marta and more than 100MW of projects under development.

“We have US$150M approved to invest in Colombia. So far we have invested and committed US$80M,” Demaine said.

He said that the goal is to exceed 100MW by 2022, and GreenYellow is working on several projects to achieve this.

The CEO recalled that the company participated in the 2019 renewables auction for the reliability charge and plans to participate again this year in the solicitation.

“We will buy energy in the auction and we are analyzing which project to participate with as sellers,” Demaine said.

However, the expert said that one of the obstacles to submitting is that delivery times are short.

“We do not have many projects that would allow us to meet the deadlines,” Demaine acknowledged.

Bottom-Line: Authorities should review the deadlines established for the projects delivery, as this could affect the investors’ interest in the next auction.

The government should remember that regulatory and social procedures are complex and often take a long time in Colombia.

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