Grupo Enel and Bancoldex

Company News, Electricity    Oct 12, 2018 2:10 PM

The electric sector wants to promote the use of new transportation sources in Colombia to reduce the pollution levels in the main cities. Grupo Enel-Codensa and Bancoldex announced an alliance on this issue.

According to Inteligencia Petrolera, Grupo Enel-Codensa and Bancoldex signed a collaboration agreement to promote electric mobility projects in the country.

Mario Suárez, President of Bancolex, and Lucio Rubio Díaz, General Director of the Grupo Enel in Colombia, signed the collaboration agreement.

Bancoldex decided not to finance projects to acquire diesel vehicles for public transport throughout Colombia, including buses using Euro 5 and Euro 6 (European Emissions Standards) technology.

The firm explained that the goal is to focus on the financing of technologies with the highest environmental standards for the public and private transport sector.

Bancoldex committed to work on strategies to boost the financing of projects that generate ‘environmental value.’

Enel-Codensa said that it is offering integral solutions to companies that want to acquire electric vehicles to promote new technologies in Colombia.

The firm said that electric transport is a strategic issue for the company and Enel-Codensa has worked for more than eight years promoting this type of projects and policies to expand the market.

Enel-Codensa recalled that it is working on several electric vehicle and bicycle projects around Colombia. In addition, the firm installed the first ‘electrolinera’ of fast charge and has developed pilot projects of buses and electric taxis.

The company highlighted that the main goal of these projects is to help reduce the levels of environmental and hearing pollution in the main cities of Colombia.

Bottom-Line: We like to report on the corporate profiles of companies that are helping to transform Colombia’s industry and economy.


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