Hitachi Energy’s expansion plans

Company News    Oct 28, 2021 4:43 PM

Hitachi Energy’s Ramón Monrás spoke about the company’s plans in the country.

The expert said that the company’s expansion plan in Colombia is related to strengthening its regional factories of distribution power transformers and dry transformers, Valora Analitik reported.

“In these factories we have invested, in recent years, about US$20M to have one similar to those that Hitachi Energy has in different parts of the world,” Monrás said.

He said that the company always defines similar criteria so that customers have the assurance that transformers purchased from a factory, anywhere in the world, have the same production system and quality.

Hitachi Energy plans to continue with the modernization of its factories in Colombia. The firm will inaugurate solar photovoltaic systems at its main headquarters in Pereira.

“We have two power and distribution factories and a metal-mechanical factory where we manufacture transformer tanks in Pereira,” Monrás said.

The company will open a new industrial site in Bogota that will be dedicated to the manufacture of protection and control panels in 2022.

Monrás said the firm will continue to participate in many of the awarded projects. For example, it is participating in Celsia’s El Tesorito plant.

In addition, the company is working on Grupo Energía Bogotá’s high-voltage substations with the Colectora project.

Hitachi Energy completed one year of operations in Colombia seeking to promote a sustainable energy future.

“As a main concern in our day to day, as Hitachi Energy we work towards sustainability, investing in and encouraging a more sustainable energy future,” Monrás said.

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