Huawei Zero carbon communications solution

Company News    Mar 22, 2021 6:04 PM

Zhou Taoyuan, Vice President of Huawei, and President of Digital Power Product Line announced the Digital Power Zero Carbon Network Solution.

Zero Carbon Network has become an important strategic goal for leading operators worldwide,” said Taoyuan in a press release.

Taoyuan added that Huawei Zero Carbon Network Solution, converging with Intelligent Power Cloud, helps operators move towards low carbon, green and sustainable development when confronted with internal and external challenges.

This solution includes Simplified Site, Simplified Equipment Room, Simplified and Simplified DC and Green Power for All.

Simplified Site consists in site transformation from indoor sites to outdoor sites and further to blade site.

“In this way, room is shifted to cabinet then to pole. Comprehensive pole-based site deployment helps to reduce power consumption and save electricity fee and rent fee,” the report said.

Simplified Equipment Room allows that cabinets replace rooms for new built. For capacity expansion, free of new room, free of cable modernization and free of new AC enables power consumption, space and engineering saved.

In addition, Simplified DC allows reshaping architecture through fully prefabricated and modular construction, shortening TTM from 20 months to 6 months.

Green Power for All allows green power to go into sites, CO rooms and data centers to achieve solar access, green connections and green computing.

The report added that the four solutions are converging with Intelligent Power Cloud to reduce energy consumption costs and improve energy efficiency ultimately through intelligent power that integrates source-network-load-and storage.

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