Incentive to improve energy management

Company News    Jun 9, 2021 4:08 PM

The Clean Energy Summit created a window of opportunity for Colombian companies that want to better manage their energy in their production processes.

The event announced the contest ‘#Cuidemos tú energía’, which is promoted by the Chilean company Smartclarity and consists of getting energy management data from companies to make a diagnosis, El Tiempo reported.

The winners will receive the opportunity to have a technical visit in which they will delve into how to achieve a lower energy impact on the ecosystem and how to start decarbonization in their production models.

“This contest will be developed with a proprietary tool, created in partnership with Saytec ClarityEnergy, which allows, through data monitoring, to process the critical data of energy operations,” Smartclarity leader Matías Coll said.

Coll said that nine out of ten companies manage their energy only by looking at the electricity or gas bill, as they do not have the tools to process the data.

Those interested in participating in the contest can register on the digital page of smartclarity or through the company’s corporate accounts on social networks.

Bottom-Line: These initiatives will encourage the transition and use of smart energy grids in the country, improving energy service.

These offer more accurate data, facilitating decision-making processes for this metric.

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