Incentives for EVs

Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Feb 26, 2021 4:19 PM

The Government announced a Decree that regulates preferential parking for Electric Vehicles (EVs).

According to the decree, parking areas for electric vehicles will have a logo with the letter P and a white plug on a green background, La Republica said.

These spaces must correspond to 2% of the total parking capacity, according to the Electric Mobility Law.

In addition, these locations cannot replace spaces for people with reduced mobility or bicycle parking areas.

“Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles increased by 70%, since the electric mobility law came out, even in the year of the pandemic,” President Ivan Duque said.

Duque said that Colombians are aware of contributing to sustainable mobility and his government has created incentives in terms of tariffs, VAT, taxi rates and Soat, to encourage this market.

The Minister of Transport, Ángela Orozco, said that the transport sector is making a commitment to sustainable mobility.

“Proof of that is the signing of this Decree, and the launch of the Green Road Infrastructure Guidelines,” Orozo said.

She said the guidelines are a document that seeks to generate information and technical knowledge about opportunities to develop sustainable transport infrastructure.

“These two initiatives ratify the sector’s commitment to the environment,” Orozco highlighted.

Bottom-Line: The government is making key decisions to encourage the sale of EVs in the country.

Improving the charging infrastructure is the pending point to see more EVs in Colombia.

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