InnóvaTe Generando Valor Contest

Company News    May 3, 2021 3:12 PM

Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) and Unired announced the seventh call for the ‘InnovaTe Generando Valor’ contest.

The companies invite entrepreneurs and researchers to participate in the registration of equipment and formulation of technological solutions for four challenges of the contest, according to a press release.

The contest has a CoP$360M prize pool.

“The open innovation contest is aligned with the “SosTECnibilidad” goals. This strategy consists of enhancing through technology and technological innovation, efforts to strengthen the socio-economic, environmental and governance of rural areas,” ECP highlighted.

The NOC said that the four challenges of this call are related to the generation of energy from renewable resources; caring for the environment; the social appropriation of knowledge in science, technology and innovation and the competitive development of Santander, North of Santander, and Boyacá.

The first challenge is to find a technological solution to speed up the registration of the SARS COV 2 epidemiological file in the Mobile Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Those interested will be able to register their team until May 7th, 2021. The winning team will get CoP$15M for the implementation of the technological solution.

The second challenge is: How to generate decentralized energy for self-consumption, from renewable resources, through a technological solution of local design and manufacture.

The companies will award the winning initiative with a total of CoP$45M, which will be used to mature the proposal.

The third challenge is: How to potentiate the social appropriation of knowledge in science, technology, and innovation through a Mobile Environmental Laboratory in the Magdalena Medio communities.

Those selected will get CoP$50M to implement the solution.

The fourth challenge is: How to develop the Puerto Wilches territory focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

This challenge has a co-working-type methodology and is subdivided into five categories and each winner will be awarded CoP$50M.

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