ISA 1Q21 results

Company News    May 10, 2021 5:00 PM

ISA S.A. E.S.P (BVC: ISA) reported its first quarter 2021 results.

The firm’s operating income was CoP$2.4T in 1Q21, 14% more compared to same period last year (CoP$2.1T). This metric was CoP$3.0T in 4Q20.

“This variation is mainly due to the entry into operation of energy transmission projects and the increase in the construction activity of the concessions in Peru and Brazil,” the company explained.

Income in the energy business went from CoP$1.6T in 1Q20 to CoP$1.8T in 1Q21, representing 75% of the total.

The Highway business represented 21% or CoP$492B, while Telecommunications reported revenues of CoP$98B or 4% of the total in 1Q21.

ISA said that administration, operation, and maintenance costs (AOM) was CoP$857B in 1Q21, 14% more than in the same period of the previous year.

“This variation is mainly due to the increase in construction activity of CoP $ 78.4B in energy transmission projects and on roads in Colombia,”

EBITDA was CoP$1.5T in 1Q21; 14.3% more compared to same period last year. EBITDA margin was 63.8% in 1Q21.

ISA reported a net income of CoP$507B, 34% more than 1Q20.

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