Jaramillo talks Hidroituango

Company News, Energy    Oct 7, 2021 4:18 PM

The Director of Special Projects and Energy of EIA University, Andrés Jaramillo, talked about the Hidroituango project.

Jaramillo said that Hidroituango is a big dream, because “it is difficult to think that a generator that is going to provide between 15% and 17% of the (country’s) energy, can be decoupled from national energy security,” La Republica reported.

The expert proposed to “desantioqueñizar” the project, since it would be for the use of all Colombians.

Jaramillo said that rationing is a “boogieman” that permanently forces the creation generation projects, and about which “neither the government nor anyone can guarantee that rationing will not occur”.

He said that the Inspector General’s ruling puts at risk both companies that have been working on large projects for many years, as well as future engineers who will not be interested in public projects.

Jaramillo said that the environmental factor is becoming more and more relevant.

“We call for this discussion to be maintained with technical arguments, with figures, with data and not with elements of judgment that in this pre-election year will come to the fore, and beware of speculation,” Jaramillo said.

Bottom-Line: Uncertainty about Hidroituango is still very high, and the country needs to receive positive news about this project.

However, EPM announced the search for new contractors to replace the current ones, in case they are unable or unwilling to continue the project. This generated more concerns and risks for this important project.

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