La Niña is coming?

Regulation & Policy    Oct 25, 2021 9:36 PM

President Iván Duque warned about the possible arrival of ‘La Niña’ phenomenon in Colombia.

IDEAM clarified that there will be an increase in rainfall in most of the national territory until the end of this year, Semana reported.

The entity said that the probability that this phenomenon will occur in the country is 93%, so special measures should be taken to avoid emergencies due to increased rainfall in the remainder of the year.

“We are informing all Colombians that we have a probability between 87% and 93% of this phenomenon according to all consolidated figures”, the Minister of Environment (MinAmbiente), Carlos Correa, said.

“The call we make to Colombians is for prevention during this rainy season,” Correa said.

IDEAM said that oceanic and atmospheric conditions continued to evolve towards La Niña conditions, due to the cooling of the surface in a large part of the tropical Pacific Ocean.

The entity estimates that the second rainy season in the months of October, November and December will be strong and precipitation in Colombia will be above historical values.

Duque ordered to install unified command posts throughout Colombia, which will have the mission with experts in the field, to monitor rainfall.

“With such a high probability, we must all act and take preventive measures, we must work with mayors, governors, with the national environmental system and we can make a great training for families,” Duque said.

Bottom-Line: Many Colombians will suffer with the bad weather but the hydroelectric dams will be at peak efficiency.

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