MinEnergia talks energy transition

Regulation & Policy    Jul 8, 2021 5:33 PM

Energy Minister Diego Mesa spoke about the energy transition process, new energy auction and achievements during his administration.

Mesa told La Republica that solidifying the public policy framework for energy transition was the main achievement during his administration.

“Approving the energy transition bill that completes the fiscal, regulatory and commercial framework for the transition, generating a roadmap to introduce new clean sources such as hydrogen and geothermal,” Mesa said.

He said that another achievement was the entry into operation of more than 13 solar farms, and an eight-fold increase in the country’s installed capacity.

Electricaribe has been another great achievement, as this had been a historical debt of the electricity sector with the inhabitants of the Caribbean region.

Mesa said that the energy transition is a gradual process. The goal was the entry into operation of 1,500MW of installed capacity, but the government increased this figure.

“Today, we can say that with the auctions and with the contracts, the new goal is 2,500 MW of installed capacity by 2022,” Mesa said.

MinEnergia said that the government is going to publish the roadmap for hydrogen, identifying production sources, uses and exports opportunities.

“We are going to mark that route for the next 10 or 30 years, and we will make a socialization process with the different agents that can participate in this market,” Mesa said.

The government is working with World Bank cooperation on offshore wind and authorities plan to get the regulatory framework ready this year.

Bottom-Line: Colombia’s renewable energy potential is enormous, and investor interest is well known and the results of previous rounds are proof of that.

The main challenge is to leave a solid regulatory framework and improve social and security issues to advance the development of this sector.

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