MinEnergia talks energy transition process

Regulation & Policy    Oct 7, 2019 6:19 PM

The Vice Minister of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia), Diego Mesa, participated in a Forum to discuss opportunities for renewable energies in rural areas.

Authorities took the Forum’s stage to talk about the challenges and opportunities of leveraging the potential of unconventional renewable energies, betting on Colombia’s energy transformation process.

During the event, Vice Minister Mesa said that one of the main challenges for the country’s development is closing the energy access gap that exists in different rural areas.

“To date, 500,000 families lack energy service in our country. Photovoltaic solutions contribute to closing these energy access gaps, especially in the most remote areas. Our goal is to bring electricity to 100,000 new users in these four years,” he explained.

Mesa also highlighted the government’s efforts to boost renewable energies as a key part of Colombia’s energy transformation process.

“Mechanisms such as long-term auctions are showing that unconventional energy sources provide efficient costs, which can translate into better prices for users too,” he added.

The Vice Minister concluded his presentation by saying that renewable energies generate development, while protecting the environment.

“Our public policy is based on boosting renewable energies in Colombia, fostering the diversification, complementarity and competitiveness of the energy matrix, and making it more resilient to climate change,” the official said.

The event was also attended by the former Minister of Mines and Energy, Tomás Gonzalez; Celsia’s president, Ricardo Sierra; and the Postdoctoral Researcher at the MIT Photovoltaic Laboratory, José Darío Perea.

Bottom-line: Debates like this one are crucial to achieve a successful energy transition process, in line with the government’s goals.

The country’s potential is undeniable, but authorities cannot neglect social issues in departments with high renewable energy potential such as La Guajira.

Image by Pixabay, https://pixabay.com/photos/sunrise-nature-guards-fog-sun-3579931/

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