MinEnergia talks renewable energies

Renewables    May 24, 2021 3:38 PM

The Minister of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia) Diego Mesa spoke about the fundamental role that the energy sector plays for the country and the progress made in sustainable economic reactivation.

Mesa recalled that the country had only 2 renewable energy projects with a 28MW capacity in 2018.

“The picture will be significantly different thanks to implemented public policy, auctions and different tax incentives,” Mesa highlighted.

The expert said that the country will have about 2,800MW of installed capacity this year.

“In addition, we will leave a 4,500MW plan of installed capacity that will come into operation in the next five years and all the regulations to develop offshore wind energy, where we have quite important potential,” Mesa highlighted.

Mesa recalled that the country’s third renewable energy auction will be held in October this year, reinforcing the international recognition that Colombia has had for the innovation of public policies to promote energy generation through renewables.

MinEnergia highlighted the entry into operation of the first geothermal pilot in the country, the development of the roadmap for the hydrogen implementation and the scope of sustainable mobility.

Bottom-Line: The government did an excellent job to promote the development of renewable energy projects in Colombia and the results in installed capacity are proof of this.

The challenge will be to leave a solid regulatory base to continue this path in the medium and long term.

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