Mining and solar panels

Company News, Renewables    Dec 9, 2021 6:18 PM

Relianz Mining Solutions announced a project to take a step towards more sustainable and responsible mining in the country.

The company inaugurated its new solar energy complex that makes it a pioneer in driving the energy transition of the mining sector, Valora Analitik reported.

The project includes 4,560 solar panels located at the company’s headquarters in Galapa (Atlántico, Colombia), which will generate 1,850MWh annually.

The company will be able to deliver 380MWh annually to the country’s electricity system, and supply energy to its plant.

“With the inauguration of these solar panels, we have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate, once again, why Relianz is the preferred partner of Colombia’s mining industry and aim high in building progress for the country,” Betsy Goenaga Grandet, head of Compliance and Sustainability at Relianz, said.

The company, which is focused on providing services to the mining industry, invested close to US$2.0M in this project. The firm plans to install 3,500 more solar panels at its other facility, bringing the total to approximately 10,000 solar panels.

This project will avoid the emission of 1,100 tons of CO2eq per year.

The Minister of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia), Diego Mesa, said that the energy transition is a reality thanks to the massive incorporation of renewable energies.

“These initiatives demonstrate that the mining sector is committed to the fight against climate change and that the country is betting on sustainable and environmentally-friendly mining,” Mesa highlighted.

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