Mocoa Copper Project

Company News    Jul 12, 2021 6:11 PM

Libero Copper & Gold Corporation announced decisions on the Mocoa copper porphyry project.

CEO Ian Harris along with the Minister of Energy and Mines (MinEnergia), Diego Mesa, and the President of the National Mining Agency (ANM), Juan Miguel Durán Prieto, discussed the Mocoa porphyry copper project, Valora Analitik reported.

They discussed the restart of exploration and the development schedule of a strategic project for Colombia’s plans and the diversification of the mining sector towards copper, transition to sustainable energies and reactivation of the economy.

Harris highlighted the incorporation of employment and training programs to support the needs of local communities.

“We would like to thank MinEnergia and ANM for the support to expedite the strategic project. Mocoa contains Colombia’s largest copper resource with 4.6 billion pounds of pure copper,” Harris highlighted.

Harris said that the company is committed to helping Colombia achieve its goal of becoming the third largest copper producer in South America.

“We support the vision of transforming the energy sector based on renewable energy,” Harris said.

Mesa said that copper is a key mineral for Colombian mining diversification.

“We are working to develop copper projects by boosting exploration with high technical, environmental and social standards,” Mesa said.

Prieto said that companies in the sector are making transparent and innovative changes.

“We continue to promote responsible exploration and we believe that with the new projects coming up, millions of Colombians will achieve a better and more sustainable future,” Prieto said.

Bottom-Line: The energy transformation process has to be accompanied by the exploration of minerals needed for the renewable energy sector.

Copper will play a key role in the implementation of new energy sources in Colombia.


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