More companies join renewable energies

Company News    Jun 24, 2021 7:00 PM

Colombia continues to experience a renewable energy boom in all economic sectors. Two companies announced an alliance to implement these energy sources.

Compañía Energética de Occidente (CEO) announced the installation of 42 photovoltaic systems for Supertiendas and Droguerías Olímpica, La Republica reported.

The companies explained that this alliance seeks to improve the environmental impact in the operation by replacing at least 30% of conventional energy consumption with clean energy, reducing the carbon footprint.

“We seek to contribute to the country’s energy transition based on a sustainable economic development model. With the installation of clean energy generation systems, companies save more on their billing, contribute to environmental sustainability and ratify their commitment to the 2030 sustainability agenda with the purpose of guaranteeing affordable and non-polluting energy,” Omar Serrano Rueda, general manager of CEO, said.

Supertiendas and Droguerías Olímpica have 14 solar systems in operation at present. CEO installed 10 of these at the Yopal, Canaima and Amaranto locations in Neiva, Guacarí, Fonseca, Calamar, Bello Horizonte and Mamatoco in Santa Marta, El Banco and Pivijay.

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