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Energy, Regulation & Policy    Feb 12, 2020 2:50 PM

The National Territorial Development Unit (ENTerritorio), an entity linked to the National Planning Department (DNP), announced studies to build solar projects in different regions of the country.

ENTerritorio began the process of preparing studies and designs for the construction of photovoltaic energy projects in rural areas of 22 municipalities in the country. These projects would benefit 24,754 families, according to the entity.

The estimated value for the projects development is CoP$544.5B and the General Royalties System (SGR) will finance this budget.

The projects structuring will be developed in conjunction with the Presidential Council for Stabilization and Consolidation, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia), and the Territory Renewal Agency (ART).

Authorities expect these projects to reach a minimum electric power coverage of 50% in these regions.

The municipalities benefited will be: Bojacá, Medio Atrato, Sipí and El Litoral de San Juan, in Chocó; La Macarena, La Uribe, Puerto Rico and Puerto Concordia, in El Meta; López, Timbiquí and Guapi, in Cauca; El Charco, Santa Barbara, Olaya Herrera, Mosquera, Roberto Payán and Magüí, in Nariño; Solano, in Caquetá; Puerto Guzmán, in Putumayo; Calamar and Miraflores, in Guaviare; and Puerto Bello, in Cesar.

“The integral structuring of the 22 photovoltaic energy projects will allow the service expansion coverage to become a reality. We continue to consolidate our purpose of transforming lives in Colombia,” said María Elia Abuchaibe Cortés, General Manager at ENTerritorio.

ENTerritorio will be in charge of preparing financial feasibility studies, legal analysis, detailed designs, budget, schedule, project risk assessment.

Bottom-Line: Expanding energy coverage is key to generating more development and closing inequality gaps in Colombia.

Renewable energies will play a key role in this process and this news is proof of that.

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