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Renewables    Nov 27, 2019 3:25 PM

American researchers conducted a study on the wind speed in the world. Results got the attention of companies that develop energy projects.

Researchers said that wind speed is increasing worldwide, and companies are installing more turbines to generate wind power.

The experts explained that the average wind speed increased by approximately 7% since 2010 in the northern mid-latitude regions, reversing a trend of winds deceleration in previous decades, Portafolio said.

“This rapid increase in global wind speed is certainly good news for the energy industry,” said Adrian Chappell, co-author of the investigation.

Chappell added that this behavior is a good sign for the expansion of large-scale wind power generation systems in the near future.

The researchers recalled that wind speed had slowed down since the late 1970s, but this changed in 2010, when it started increasing again.

The investigation concluded that if this trend continues, wind power generation could increase 37% in the world.

The investigation said that small changes in the speed of wind recorded over a year can make a big difference in the probability of installing more turbines.

The study added that previous decelerations in wind speeds were due to changes in the circulation patterns of the oceans and the atmosphere.

The researchers explained that these changes take decades to occur, so the increase in wind speed should continue for at least another 10 years.

Bottom-Line: Colombia has great potential for wind power generation and these investigations are key to incentivize new projects.

Now it is up to authorities to leverage the positive environmental conditions and ‘make things happen.’

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